Local Branch

A Branch is a locally incorporated body which has been chartered by the Canadian Mental Health Association through a provincial or territorial division to carry on the objectives of the Association locally. Currently there are over thirty-three branches of the Canadian Mental Health Association in Ontario.

A Branch manages the affairs of the Association in a defined geographic area. The population of the area served by a branch may range from approximately 3000 people to the large metropolitan branches which serve upwards of two million people.

Collectively and individually, more than 4000 volunteers across Ontario help shape Ontario's community mental health service system and provide opportunities for individuals in their communities to maximize their potential. In several communities, services provided to consumers by CMHA Branches are often the only alternative to hospitals.



Activities started in Cornwall in 1971, an official Steering Committee was formed in 1972 and programs started in 1973 under the name Mental Health/Cornwall. A charter of the Association was issued on May 30, 1974 to "Canadian Mental Health Association, Cornwall Branch". At the annual meeting of June 22, 1987 the branch changed its name to "Canadian Mental Health Association, Cornwall-Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Branch". On February 22, 1988, the branch became incorporated as a Corporation Without Share Capital by Letters Patent of Ontario. To meet the current requirements for incorporation the language setting out the official objects of the Branch was expanded. Twenty-six other Branches received incorporation at this time and 8 had been incorporated previously.

The area served by the Branch is designated under the French Language Services Act. A designated area is an area in which 5 000 people or 10% of the population is French-speaking. The local branch obtained its official designation under the French Language Services Act in 1991. Official designation guarantees to French-speaking clients the right to communicate and receive services in French.

In early 1993, interest was expressed from the counties of Prescott and Russell to establish a C.M.H.A. entity in their community. Through support and direction from the C.M.H.A. - Ontario Division, the two counties were encouraged to join our Branch to complement the existing catchment area of the District Health Council of Eastern Ontario. At the annual meeting in June 1996, the Bylaws were changed and revisions to the Letters Patent were processed to change the Branch’s catchment area to cover all five counties of Eastern Ontario. The name of the Branch was changed to C.M.H.A. SD & G/Prescott-Russell at that time.

On June 25, 2007, our Branch received Ministry approval for name change to Canadian Mental Health Association/Champlain East. The new proposed name reflects the Branch’s position within the Champlain LHIN where we represent the Eastern position of their catchment area.