Who we are

Our Vision Mental health for all 

Our Mission To promote and improve mental health in our community by delivering community-based programs and services.

Goals of our Branch

  1. Organizational wellness is promoted and supported across the Branch.
  2. Quality services are provided throughout the Branch.
  3. Operating and programming funding needs are maintained.
  4. Board of Directors operate from a best practice governance model. 

Branch Values

Values: Our values are articulated in the following statement which serve as a frame of reference to support and shape our work with clients, funders, partners and colleagues.

Integrity: We value honesty, professionalism and ethical behaviour.

Excellence: We offer quality services and develop relationships through education, innovation and leading practices.

Accessibility: We recognize and value the richness of individual diversity; and strive to provide timely, appropriate and accessible services that respect the dignity and independence of individuals. 

Accountability: We take appropriate measures to ensure services are delivered in a responsible and transparent manner.

Person Centred Services: We make operational decisions and provide mental health care and services that are respectful of individual preferences, needs and values.