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Mental Health Works is a nationwide social enterprise of the Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario Division.

We provide capacity building workshops, presentations, and webinars that are person centered, evidence based, and solutions focused.

We’ll help you build mental health awareness, teach you how to respond to challenging situations, and collaborate with you to create a healthier, safer workplace.

Mental Health Works - We make mental health work


Funding Sources

The Mental Health Promotion Program relies on the following sources to sustain this program: United Way of SD&G and United Way East Ontario, short-term grants, Subway (Owners: Pascal, Jacques & Christian Brunet), community donations and fundraising events. 
For more information, please contact us at: (613) 933-5845 or 1-800-493-8271.

Awareness and prevention are key!


Request a Workshop

To learn more call (613) 933-5845 or 1-800-493-8271.