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Mental Health Works is a nationwide social enterprise of the Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario Division.

We provide capacity building workshops, presentations, and webinars that are person centered, evidence based, and solutions focused.

We’ll help you build mental health awareness, teach you how to respond to challenging situations, and collaborate with you to create a healthier, safer workplace.


Choose from the following topics: Each session is 60-90 minutes and are designed to be modular. Build a training that meets your needs.

By the session: $400 for package pricing please contact Angele D’Alessio This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dealing with Transitions: Re-entry into Shared Workspaces

Uncertainty and unpredictability have been constants throughout the duration of the pandemic, as has the need to navigate transitions safely.

Workplace & Mental Health

This workshop provides an awareness of mental health and its impact on workplace culture. We discuss common issues and explore the impact of stigmatizing language and beliefs on mental health in the workplace and how to respond and help.

Stress & Anxiety

In this session, participants will learn differences between stress/anxiety and related symptoms, explore implications of good stress versus bad stress, and will be presented with effective strategies for coping.

Mental Health & Telework

Working from home has become the norm and this workshop addresses the psychological issues that may arise when our work routine has shifted so significantly. This workshop will also address how to take care of our mental health at home and how to build a healthy space in which to work.

Traumatic Stress & Compassion Fatigue

Physical and mental exhaustion and overall burnout, if not treated properly, can lead to more serious mental health challenges down the road. This workshop is essential to employees, especially health care workers, who want to build a strong and healthy workplace with effective psychological safeguards against these workplace stressors.

Psychological Health & Safety

Understand the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and its importance in promoting good mental health and preventing psychological harm at work. This workshop also provides insight into how “the standard” is a framework for organizations to guide valuable mental health efforts.

Mood & Depression

Mood and depression disorders come in many forms and can be quite prevalent in the workplace. This workshop will explore how these mental health challenges can impact work, and offer strategies to work toward balance.

Isolation & Loneliness

Isolation and loneliness are common issues that impact mental health. But due to the pandemic, these challenges have increased greatly in employees. Learn how to talk about these mental health issues and gain the tools to promote connection among colleagues

Health Anxiety

This workshop will help employers and employees navigate the anxieties and health concerns that current workplaces may be experiencing during the pandemic. Evidence-based methods are used to talk about solutions and ways to mitigate risk.


Mental Health for Frontline Staff

COVID-19 has created a strain on all levels of healthcare. Those on the front line of service delivery have encountered countless changes and stressors throughout the pandemic. This workshop examines how high levels of stress can lead to significant mental health challenges, and presents practical strategies to work towards positive mental health and well-being.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Operational Stress Injury

This workshop provides an important overview into recognizing traumatic stress, PTSD and OSI, and the impact these serious mental health conditions have on workspaces. We will outline the importance of awareness, response and collaboration on understanding and working through these challenges in the workplace.

Mental Health for Telehealth

Both the work and the workplace of telehealth professionals is unique. Isolation, feelings of stress and increased workload can create mental health challenges. This workshop will discuss the psychological health and safety of telehealth workers, their virtual working environment and ways to positively manage presenting challenges.

Substance Use & Addictions

This workshop explores the role substance use and addictions pose to psychological health and safety. It will also give people the tools to understand how to talk about these issues and their overall impacts on health.

Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness is an evidence-based technique that has been proven to assist people with stress and anxiety. This workshop will help staff develop mindful practices, improve their ability to be fully present, offset feelings of pressure and overall become more resilient.

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