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12 Hours That Can Change Your Life 


Living Life to the Full is a mental health promotion course designed to help people deal with everyday life challenges and learn self-management skills using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles. It is an evidence-based therapy approach that has been evaluated and has been found to work well.  Course content and materials are practical and easily applied to everyday life situations.

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CMHA Champlain East is working in collaboration with CMHA Ontario to pilot the “Living Life to the Full” 8 week program to local schools. Over 150 students have participated in the skill building program since October 2021. Living Life to the Full is a fun and engaging eight-week course that provides people from all walks of life with effective tools to maximize their ability to manage life’s challenges. The group-oriented course is based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which focuses on understanding how thoughts, feelings and behaviours work together to impact well-being. See what some of the youth participants had to say: 

Tvisha's story

Tom's story

Ashley's story


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Mood Walks - Mood Walks

Mood Walks promote physical and mental wellness.  It is designed to encourage and support the mental and physical health of participants through exposure to the healing effects of nature, participation in physical activity and engagement with their community. Participants, such as those at risk of or experiencing mental health difficulties and social isolation, can benefit from participating in Mood Walks.



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In the Know (


In the Know is a mental health literacy training program for farmers and the agricultural community. The objective of the program is to address farmer specific barriers to accessing mental health programming and resources. The program identifies the specific struggles of farming, and supports building confidence in recognizing mental health struggles, in talking about mental health, and in helping others.

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