Supportive Employment Program is designed for those committed to competitive employment as an attainable goal. The client is an active participant in identifying an individualized job placement according to their suitability, strengths and work experience in collaboration with CMHA and other agencies.

Program Objectives
• To explore clients' interests, abilities, skills, strengths and barriers in order to develop their vocational goal
• To help client access existing employment and educational resources within the community
• To help client obtain job-related skills they need to prepare for today's competitive work force
• To assist in finding an appropriate match between the client's needs and abilities with community employment opportunities

Admission Criteria
• Must be 16 years of age or older
• Individual is living with a severe mental illness or concurrent disorder (mental illness combined with substance use disorder)
• Must reside in the Champlain East region (SDG/PR & Akwesasne)
• Clients who were unable to secure employment using other services and resources
• Clients who have identified goals of where they would like to work or what they would like to do (what some people call "their interests")