Supportive Housing Program is aimed for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The program enables one to maintain or obtain suitable housing while receiving support through the Intensive Case Management Services.

Program Objectives
• To explore client's interests, abilities, skills, strengths and barriers in order to achieve their housing goal
• To support clients in accessing existing housing and financial resources within the community
• To assist clients in accessing tenant information to inform them of their rights and responsibilities as a tenant
• Maintain independent housing

Admission Criteria
• Must be 16 years or older
• Individual is living with a severe mental illness or concurrent disorder (mental illness combined with substance use disorder)
• Homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, have no fixed address or living in a temporary situation (e.g. with friends, family or special care facility)
• Willing and motivated to work with a case manager
• Contribute over 50% of their present income on accommodation
• Must reside in the Champlain East region (SDG/PR & Akwesasne)

Program elements include:
• Mobile outreach, assessment and pre-admission skills building
• In-home support Intensive Case Management
• Establishing eligibility to the Ontario Disability Support Program or Ontario Works Program
• Establishing trusteeship
• Landlord relations